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Kai ora, hi. Our experience is in behavioural human capital. We lead in SaaS structural support and alignment systems for triple bottom line results. Our brands include: ROIassurance, ROIassure, Starf®, SecretJobAgency and SecretJobAgent.



We contribute to social, political, cultural and economic groups to enhance the wellbeing of our global society, improving the level of happiness in the world.


We make our best effort in everything that we do.


We develop professionally, mentally, and spiritually. We increase our assets in amount, value, and importance. We increase in economic activity and value, to advance our vision.


We have unswerving allegiance to what we do – In our mind and in our heart – even if it can be demanding and involve sacrifice. We have faithfulness and devotion to our cause.

Problem Solving

We combine clarity with flexible, rational thinking and observe things as they are, without the obscuration and distortion caused by preconceived notions and beliefs and illusory realities. We see everything in its proper context – as a part of a greater whole – and always consider the likely consequences of what we see and of actions that we might take. We routinely observe and hold up to scrutiny our thinking process itself, so that we look out for factors and influences that may be interfering with our thinking. We gain an understanding of what we observe. We seek to rectify or work around difficulties. We’re deeply aware, (flexibly) focused, practical, maintaining a grounded state.


We give time and energy to what we believe in and keep promises in what we are setting out to do. We are honest and authentic.


We align with our vision and we empower and incentivise stakeholders. We motivate and attract stakeholders by clearly categorising goals, attracting like-minded people and maximising strategic opportunities that advance our vision.


We practice kindness and compassion. We acknowledge and notice suffering, and we are kind and caring in response to suffering. We help others and invest energy to improve things for future generations. We maintain personal and professional integrity by insisting our actions correspond with our words and pursue activities that are meaningful, developing worthwhile products and services.


Our systems operate in transparency, especially in laws, governance, and social conditions, creating highly desirable living conditions.


Our professional goals enable us to grow stronger and more advanced, so we are a desirable partner. We help everyone touched by us.


We work to better our character and the character of those around us with acts of kindness and mutual respect. We contribute to growing respect for the community so that it can thrive and grow stronger.

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